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Mobile 360 Video and Mobile Virtual Reality

  • 09/05/2017

Mobile 360 Video and Mobile Virtual Reality is going to be big. Here at Conecto base camp we have always argued that 3D video was a fad, with its plus points yes, there is some great 3D video out there, however 3D difficult to shoot and create, difficult to consume on tablets and mobiles (where video consumption is growing expenentially) and only really works as a cool option for a few blockbusters. 360 however, is different;  Virtual reality and 360 is where it's at, again, it will not take over from your usual 4k, hd etc video, but there are certain situations where being able to see “behind the scenes” or get the full experience brings a whole new dimension, and moreover it works and looks especially great on mobiles, tablets and big screens alike...

However moving a tablet or mobile around you and panning round content is just the closest thing to being there, if you need convincing just take a look at this promo video for example:

OK, so in the business world that maynot be so compelling, but as far as mvno technology presentations go, 360 makes them a lot easier watching: