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Real Cloud is Full Cloud, and has Real Benefits

  • 12/09/2019

Many people talk about cloud as an advantage in istelf, or that it somehow sprinkles some magic dust on their system.

"We are looking for a cloud OSS" is a phrase we hear often, when we ask why? and do you have plans for the est of your systems to be cloud we sometimes get a no... followed by an "and???..."

In case you were wondering at this point, the answer is no; Cloud does not come with magic pixie dust. So why don't many MVNEs shout about the real benefits of cloud? 

The main reason is probably because:

1) to get the full benefits of cloud, you need to be fully cloud
2) from what we can see from RFPs and 
3) Full cloud is hard, as it requires a lot of integration

So why do I need this full cloud you talk about? Well essentially, to sum up the video more or less and maybe add to the video:

A) It allows you to provide services according to customer needs, like providing Voice and SMS for data focussed services, without worrying about how much it is going to be used or it falling over; within reason

B) It allows providers to grow in line with their base and to control cost to serve as your grow

C) It levels the playing field, allowing small companies to do things that bigger, better resources companies do, with fewer resources and quicker

Real cloud is a real David to Goliath, a game change an a playing field leveller!


Did you know: We are so cloud, we were first incorporated in St. Cloud, Minnesota
In the video, there is even a black and white photo of clouds... cloud means cloud :)

See real benefit case studies in video