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Conecto scalable and cost efficient MVNO and MVNE solutions for Mobile Virtual Network Operators looking to de-risk the MVNO set-up process and create a simple, honest and complete service for their customers and be a successful MVNO.



Conecto has built the first MVNO enabler platform that lets you grow from light MVNO type set-up to full MVNO, and indeed be an MVNA and/or MVNE at the same time, and then move even to a build transfer operate (BTO) MVNO model on the same platform. Conecto MVNOs can grow to Full in one country or region and stay light in others. Conecto MVNOs and MVNEs do not have to chose between starting big with a full MVNO platform and hope it is a success that cannot be downsized, or starting with a small MVNO platform with an MVNA/MVNE to be thrown away if the MVNO customer base grows substantially. Conecto, therefore, has become the best option in the market, because of its capabilities to attend and offer solutions for any type of MVNO.

Successful MVNOs profit and grow by acquiring customers cheaper than the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and keeping them for longer than the MNOs. The Conecto MVNO platform is fully cloud enabled. Many vendors claim this, and have elements in the cloud, but Conecto applies the full cloud principle to the MVNO platform: Many MVNO vendors charge user fees in blocks of 1,000,000, 500,000 or as low as 250,000, but this makes the 250,001; 500,001 or 1,000,001 customer very expensive if a vendor is not entirely cloud enabled, or elements of the underlying services are not cloud enabled. Conecto is fully cloud enabled 100% and can be as flexible as the MVNO or MVNE requires.

Successful MVNOs all have one thing in common: Successful MVNO services are simple, transparent and honest. How can your MVNO achieve this if the underlying product is neither simple, transparent or honest? Conecto is not just a billing system or a billing solution - Conecto has everything an MVNO needs to be successful; Reporting OTA APN, OTA SPN, OTA SIM, full dynamic reporting and all Customer related information all accessible from one web page - Conecto have already done the integration of 20+ suppliers and services for the MVNO. The Conecto MVNx platform is complete, with full reporting, marketing, OTA SIM, APN and SPN updates, eSIM provisioning, realtime tariffs and bundles... Conecto not only gets MVNOs and MVNEs to market quicker, but also enables MVNOs to market, sell, grow and scale effectively.

Conecto has already performed the integration of all these suppliers and services for its MVNOs and MVNEs enabling Conecto MVNOs and MVNEs to get to market effieciently, to time and budget, and then scale with foreseen cost to serve and all the tools required to scale MVNOs.

It is with all these services; reporting, OTA, combined with the teams experinece working in some of the worlds leading MNO Wholesale, MVNO, Mobile App development and Vendors that Conecto MVNx can help their MVNOs grow, scale and generate and demonstrate results, like you can see in our MVNO report from September, our first report demonstrating some of the platforms capability and successes:

Download Conecto MVNO EU 2018 Presenstation with eWater case study




Conecto has its own US IMSI range and a truly multi IMSI, multi tenancy core, Conecto can enable MVNA type services for MVNO quickly, more importantly the Conecto enabled MVNO can grow with us to MVNE and Full MVNO and beyond on the same platform, same SIMs, same APIs, same CRM, etc.

The same huge list of APIs, from Location Cell ID for M2M and IoT to Multi IMSI, SIM OTA and Device OTA are all available from small MVNA to Full MVNO in the Conecto platform, the same ones for each country you roll out in, no matter how big or how small each operation becomes; this is next generation MVNO and only from Conecto.


Conecto is the only MVNx to offer a fully Cloud, NFV, SDN network, which allows an MVNO to expand an MVNA type service, or build an MVNE type service directly in as many locations as required, to the scale required in each location, and grow to full MVNO and beyond where required with the same APIs, Billing, etc. Conecto can build a fully remote multi tenancy, multi IMSI, multi SKU full MVNO platform, including GGSN, HLR, SBC, MSC as well as switches and routers and all support systems within a new country / territory fully remotely in days. 


Conecto MVNx platform enables MVNOs to build a full Cloud, NFV, SDN MVNO in record time to market, with all the flexibility to grow to an in-house Build Transfer Operate model, and to expand abroad on a scale required for each location, be it MVNA, MVNE or another full MVNO.


Conecto has a fully multi-IMSI cloud based core which allows Conecto powered IoT services the ability to run the widest variety of IoT solutions with truely global reach, all on the same architecure, mixing local Conecto GGSNs, their own GGSNs, and even enambing voice and SMS where needed.

Conecto Multi country, multi number, multi IMSI services



Conecto, /kəˈnɛkto/ = / Verb, noun, adj (colloquial)

Conecto is a Full MVNE, MVNA and MVNO platform with its own US IMSIs and a wealth of mobile, Internet of Things, (IoT), mobile app, m-commerce and m2m experience. Conecto is majority owned by WCV, a US VC with other majority investments that include 4G LTE regional US operators, business and consumer telecoms service providers, m2m platforms and more.

Conecto is based in Minneapolis the US and in London in the UK

Conecto Leadership Team

USA: 100 South Fifth Street, 19th Floor, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55402, United States of America
UK: 111 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0SR, United Kingdom

100 South Fifth Street, 19th Floor, Minneapolis, MinnesotaUSA: 100 South Fifth Street, 19th Floor, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55402

London Office ConectoUK: 111 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0SR

where is Conecto MVNx

100 South Fifth Street, 19th Floor, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55402, United States of America
111 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0SR, United Kingdom