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Conecto esta contratando

  • 07/06/2017

Conecto is hiring! Want to join the world's first fully cloud based international MVNE that is growing exponentially? We are looking for talented individuals equally happy working from home and/or in an office and across time zones; languages (Spanish, French, German, Persian, Mandarin) a bonus; being able to lead or be lead depending on task in hand; but basically be given a task, identify a task, have to pick up a task and get the job(s) done in line with the timeframe, resource and requirement. We do not have a predefined role or view of who you should be, but likewise, you should be open as to how it gets done: “best practice” for us is what will work best in practice; not some vendors’ best theory or someone else’s solution.

-Developers; java, php, iOS, Android, SIM Toolkit - There is a lot to do!

-Marketing; digital RoI driven online and mobile marketing, preferably with languages

-Account managers; local and international, again languages a plus

-Operations; 400 pages of APIs across 4 different sources, but all on one VM cloud host - what could possibly be easier?